Video sex is all about sex without technology. Whether you are into virtual webcam porn, VR porn or anything else, it is very easy to appreciate the appeal of just staring at what may well be the latest incarnation of your loved appliance. After all, we can all recall a video where we had our eyes closed, or where a person was so deeply into their conversation that they were unable to see another person beside them. With a video sex show, you can experience that same magic. And of course, as a result of this you can also ensure that you and your partner are experiencing the best kind of sexual relationship possible.

With video sexting you are taking a medium that allows you to connect to people across the globe, to share and view images and videos. This then offers you the opportunity to enjoy your sexual relationships from the comfort of your own home, without having to step out of your house. Whilst the idea of having a live show on webcam may not sound too exciting, you can take this further and create a long lasting and extremely rewarding FaceTime sexual experience for you and your partner.

It is funny how many people see a simple, harmless advertisement like a video sex show and immediately start imagining things that would not be appropriate. So for instance, if someone watches a video sex show and sees a man giving a blow job to his girlfriend, they will automatically imagine that it is something very dirty and wrong. If they see the same image but this time it shows a woman getting an orgasm, they will then imagine that it is a very sensual situation that is likely to result in them having an orgasm. As ridiculous as these thoughts are, the fact is that this kind of imagery is already embedded in the subconscious mind of everyone. And in reality this kind of imagery is often used by couples when they are making love, to ensure that they achieve the highest level of intimacy in their relationship.

In order to take this one step further, video sex can also be used to make your long distance relationships more exciting and memorable. Long distance relationships are hard enough to start with, but using visual imagery to enhance the sexual feelings that your partner experiences, means that you can take the fun out of the situation. Sex is great and should be a central part of any long distance or online relationship but using visual aids can make the whole experience even more fun. If you are reading this then you obviously have an internet connection and a video camera is probably pretty easy to acquire.

Perhaps the greatest use for video sex on the web is to actually get your partner to record themselves having sex. With most long distance relationships it can be incredibly difficult to try and convince your significant other to have regular sex. Especially, when there is so much distance between you both. However, using visual images such as a man watching a woman have sex, or a woman watching a man to have sex can definitely help to get your significant other to rethink the frequency of their sex lives. Of course this only works if the two of you live in or near New York-based areas.

Some people have used video chat services to advertise their products and services. A very popular use is for virtual tours, especially golfing tips and advice. A lady said that her friend had her video chat account set up so that anyone who wanted to see her boyfriend taking lessons could have a look. He was getting good feedback and many people were contacting him because of this ad. There are many places across the web where you can have ads put up for free; however, these places usually require you to watch an advertisement first. It isn’t cheap to place an ad on video chat sites and many people feel uncomfortable about allowing others to see ads of things they may have a problem with.

Sloane’s wife used her services to advertise the company she worked for. Sloane’s wife saw an ad that was for a golf lesson and felt comfortable letting the man who helped her husband take one go. They had an excellent relationship and they enjoyed going to golf courses on a regular basis, but neither of them felt comfortable knowing their video chat was being advertised in this way. Thankfully, Sloane took a look at the ad online before she and her husband used it, and she realized that it wasn’t something she would ever want to allow her partner to view.

If you’re going to try to video chat to help spice up your love life, make sure that you talk to your significant other first. They may not be ready to go over your video habits yet, or they may feel that they don’t need to know what you do in order to feel comfortable. If you two are good at video chat and still have a good relationship, you may find that it can lead to a lot more than just sex for you two. You could become great friends, which can lead to even deeper things. Just make sure that you don’t let your significant other down, and that you respect his wishes when it comes to seeing explicit rules or video chatsex chat programs. You never know, it might end up leading to a long lasting relationship with someone you really care about.